Willing Hands
About Willing Hands

WILLING HANDS is a Work Activity Center for Developmentally Disabled Adults. Founded in 1986, our unique program provides challenging job opportunities for our individuals. Our highly dedicated staff stresses the importance of team work and at the same time encourages them to reach their fullest potential. A high ratio of staff to client and our quality control lead to proficiency and customer satisfaction.

Developmentally disabled young adults are at a crossroads in their lives. Having completed their formal education, they no longer have an opportunity to participate in a program of work experience, social interaction and leisure activities. For many adult disabled individuals leisure activities offer almost the only means of social contacts outside the home.

Being part of a group makes it possible to share interests and ideas as well as to learn to cope with new situations. Important as it is to learn how to deal with others, it is equally essential to be comfortable and happy with oneself. Learning to make the most of time can bring its own rewards in spiritual, emotional and intellectual growth.

In an effort to fill this gap in services, Willing Hands, Inc. was formed to serve developmentally disabled individuals, Based in an accessible, barrier-free building, the center is designed to open its doors to those disabled persons who are not employed competitively or who are not attending a workshop full time.

The Problem:

  • Developmentally Disabled are schooled up till age 21
  • Very few options for disabled and their families after age 21

The Options:

  • Stay at home
  • State-sponsored workshops
  • Private facilities

Our Mission:

The Willing Hands, Inc. Mission Statement clearly describes its purpose:

"Willing Hands, Inc., located in Kinnelon, New Jersey, is a non-profit, private work/activity center designed to serve the needs of the adult developmentally disabled community.

We are committed to a program of diversified content with the ultimate goal of building each participant's work and life skills and personal self-esteem to the highest possible level.

We do not use a quota system. Every client works at their own skill level. We dedicate our time, talents and resources to everyone participating in the program and welcome the application of anyone who might benefit from the program. "

Operating Philosophy:

  • A community-based program
  • High staff to client ratio
  • Well-rounded program � not just a workshop
  • Community involvement
  • Maintain tuition as low as possible
  • Donations/work projects close the gap between tuition and total costs